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The Anderson Group is an operationally-oriented private equity firm with office locations in St. Petersburg, Florida and Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Founded in 1985, The Anderson Group has a long and successful track record of acquiring and growing companies at the lower end of the middle market. Founded by Barry Shapiro and Tom Gaffney, The Anderson Group has experience investing in a broad range of industries and in a vast array of circumstances. Over the firm's more than thirty year history, The Anderson Group has completed more than sixty investments.


Due to our flexible investment model, The Anderson Group is able to invest in a wide variety of companies and situations. We seek to invest only in those situations where we believe we can leverage our operational expertise and strategic resources to generate significant profitability improvement. We are not interested in merely serving as a provider of capital to companies; rather, we seek to execute investments where we can partner with management to effect change in their business. This investment philosophy often leads us to focus on investment opportunities that do not meet the criteria of typical financial buyers as we tend to focus on situations where value-creation opportunities may not be readily apparent in light of current operating performance.

Partnership Oriented

Founded and managed by former business owners and operators, The Anderson Group understands that a strong partnership with management is imperative to executing a successful investment. We believe that anyone can buy the assets or stock of a business, but that establishing a strong partnership with a company’s management team makes for a successful transaction. As such, we work diligently to ensure that our goals are directly aligned with those of our partners, the management team. Given the flexible ownership structure outlined below, we believe that we are in a unique position to align our goals with those of our partners.

Flexible Ownership Structure

In addition to focusing on opportunities that typical financial buyers ignore, The Anderson Group is also different in that we are not funded by institutional investors. Instead, we have been investing our own capital (the personal net worth of The Anderson Group’s partners) in companies alongside proven management teams for over thirty years. As a result, our prospective partners do not have to be concerned with investment approval processes, mandates and holding periods. What this means for prospective portfolio companies is not only a faster transaction process but also greater flexibility in equity ownership structure. This also allows us to work with portfolio companies without the outside pressures and requirements of institutional investors. At The Anderson Group we focus on building long-term value rather than emphasizing short-term profitability and exit. We partner with management in such a way that both The Anderson Group and management benefit from improved operational and financial performance.