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The Anderson Group — Aligning with both management and intermediary stakeholders to build lasting value

Committed to forging business alliances

A hallmark of The Anderson Group’s investment strategy is a rigorous dedication to align our interests with those of management to create a mutually beneficial long-term business partnership. Because we are in the unique position of investing our own capital, we do several things other private equity firms often cannot. For instance, we have an unlimited investment time horizon; thus, we do not require a defined exit strategy from our investments and our management teams do not have to worry about the business being sold every 3-5 years.

Instead, we encourage our management teams to focus on building long-term value at their businesses. Additionally, because we are not an institutional fund, we are able to structure our transactions in a way that ensures management gains a significant portion of equity on terms identical to those of The Anderson Group. Finally, investing our own capital negates the approval/investment committee processes, which in turn allows us to deliver greater certainty to close on a shorter timetable.

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Partnering with Management

The Anderson Group applies a straightforward, pragmatic investment approach when partnering with management. We are committed to effecting transactions in the most reliable and expeditious manner possible and with minimal business disruption. With an extensive track record of successful investments over 30-year history, The Anderson Group is confident investing in a wide range of sectors under various circumstances and, as such, can offer comfort and reliability when closing transaction.

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The Anderson Group partners with management on the following to create long-term portfolio value:

  • Strategic Planning – we insist on short-term and long-term strategic planning at all portfolio companies to maximize our chances of success and work with management to prepare these plans.
  • Corporate Advisory Services – after initial purchase and in alignment with management, we continuously seek to integrate add-on acquisitions and capital improvement projects where prudent.
  • Capital Structure – we are committed to developing the optimal capital structure for each investment, at both the management and the company level.
  • Incentive Plans – The Anderson Group offers generous equity ownership and bonus plans to our portfolio company management teams.
  • Executive Recruitment – The Anderson Group prefers to partner with incumbent management but will introduce alternate resources when appropriate.

Partnering with Intermediaries

The Anderson Group is dedicated to making the investment process as painless as possible for companies and intermediary stakeholders alike. We believe it is of paramount importance to conduct ourselves with integrity, so intermediaries can rest assured that they and their clients will be treated professionally and courteously throughout the investment process.

Intermediaries and their clients enjoy a high degree of confidence in our ability to close transactions, due to our investment experience and the fact that we do not require outside approvals to deploy our committed equity capital. We also commit to responding with our investment decisions quickly and professionally, regardless of the outcomes. The Anderson Group is willing to pay intermediary and finder’s fees.

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