Private Equity in the Manufacturing Sector

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The Anderson Group has multiple decades of hands-on manufacturing experience.

Includes 4 total manufacturing investments in the Food & Beverage Industry.

The Anderson team worked with me to complete the daunting task of carving out the WCB Ice Cream business from its corporate parent, then strategically building the business for long term growth. It was a real challenge that resulted in a long period of successful performance at the business and a very strong partnership with Anderson. The Anderson team was in no rush to sell the business despite much unsolicited interest over the years; any time an offer to sell the business came in, they would just forward it to me and ask if I was interested. The day I finally said ‘yes,’ we put a process in place and were closed soon thereafter.

Neil White

CEO WCB Ice Cream

Sample Investments:

  • Partnered with third-generation ownership/management of a growing industrial component manufacturer. Worked with management to streamline the operations, allowing the business to execute on growth initiatives and increase profit. Sold to a strategic acquirer.
  • Acquired a sign manufacturer that lacked succession planning and leadership. Established operational infrastructure and a leadership team then embarked on a growth plan. Sold to a strategic acquirer.
  • Acquired an over-leveraged building products manufacturer in need of restructuring. Executed on a restructuring plan and closed two strategic add-on acquisitions. Sold to a financial buyer.
  • Acquired an RV lighting business that was owned by the late founder’s estate and lacked strategic direction. Established and executed on a marketing plan. Sold to a strategic buyer.
  • Acquired a precision stampings manufacturer that lacked leadership and a marketing strategy. Recruited executive leadership and established a growth plan. Sold to a strategic buyer.

Private Equity Case Studies

La Bella Sausage

La Bella Sausage was a premier regional manufacturer and distributor of fresh and fresh-frozen private-label sausage products to some of the largest retail and grocery store chains across the eastern United States.

Situation at the Time of The Anderson Group’s Investment: La Bella had developed strong, private-label relationships with two major grocery chains. However, the company lacked the requisite capital resources, management depth and operational capabilities to execute on growth opportunities within its existing customer base.

Anderson Value Add: Anderson partnered with the founder in a transaction that provided him liquidity at closing and a significant equity stake in the business going forward. Additionally, the transaction recapitalized the balance sheet with capital available to pursue growth opportunities. After closing, Anderson worked with the founder to implement the following:

  • Recruited additional management talent
  • Diversified the customer base
  • Expanded product lines
  • Reinvested in logistics capabilities to expand geographic reach of products with limited shelf life

Outcome: La Bella successfully diversified its customer base, increased shelf space and expanded distribution. Within seven years of Anderson’s investment, sales and profitability tripled and the company was sold to a strategic acquirer.

I started this business as a service to local delis before landing a major grocery chain. Anderson worked with me to transform the business into more than I had imagined. Partnering with the Anderson guys enabled me to place greater focus on executing the growth strategy by removing all the pain points I had when running the business by myself. When I decided it was time to exit, Anderson stood behind me, and we all enjoyed a successful exit. I could not have asked for a better partnership.

George Kurppe

CEO Labella Sausage