The Anderson Difference

Given our capital structure and our 35 years of experience, we can add value in many ways others cannot.

35-year history of partnership and problem solving

  • May involve the purchase of stock, assets, bank debt or direct investment via cash infusion
  • Able to hold as little as 51% ownership stake
  • Creatively address succession planning challenges, legacy liabilities and other issues that could otherwise impact the outcome of a potential transaction
  • Structure investments with a partnership mentality and all stakeholders in mind
    • Accommodating to ownership, management, advisors, lenders, and other stakeholders

I have known the Anderson Group for decades and always found them to be world class professionals. During a recent process I was reminded of their ability to navigate a highly complex transaction and execute with speed and certainty. Plus, I find it rare for a group to be so mindful of the management team during the transaction process and investment period.

Greg Corona

Founder Lakewood & Company

Acting quickly and decisively has enabled us to close investments in as little as 30-45 days from letter of intent execution

  • Investing our own independent capital allows us the freedom from outside approvals, investment committees and mandates
  • Maintain a lean and nimble investment team of senior professionals who act decisively
  • We do not waste time on deals that are not a fit because this wastes our resources and yours
  • Close with all equity when necessary; typically utilize debt through strong banking relationships that span decades and multiple transactions

We have had a great relationship with the Anderson Group for the past several years. The Anderson Group displays the core values of integrity and humility in all of their business dealings. In my experience, the Anderson Group is a firm that really knows who they are and what they can bring to the table in owning a company. They are honest and straight-forward and do not play games. The Anderson Group stepped into a challenging situation and operated like true professionals. They were decisive and executed on everything they had committed to while also being accommodating to the seller’s interests.

Phil Kain

Managing Partner Rush Street Capital

Invest a pool of our own committed equity capital

  • Independent, reliable, and available
    • Capital base is developed from more than 80 investments during 35+ years of private equity investing
  • No limited partners
    • Our management partners and teams are focused on running the business versus creating presentations or papering files for our benefit
    • We do not require the formation of boards or board meetings; we prefer informal discussions and real relationships with our management partners
  • Reporting what matters
    • Long term plans, annual budgets and monthly financial reporting all tie to KPIs and metrics that are aligned with the business and important to management
    • Meet monthly to review financial results and strategic direction

Working with Anderson has truly been a partnership; they are involved in the strategic planning process, but they prefer to keep it conversational and never expect or require our management team to create time-sinking presentations or PowerPoints. It is nice to have a partner who is focused on growing the business versus appeasing outside stakeholders.

Paul O’Leary

CEO Parkview Health Services

A hallmark of The Anderson Group’s investment strategy is a rigorous dedication to align our interests with those of management to create a lasting business partnership

  • We do not own, or aspire to own, 100% of any platform investment
    • Our interests are aligned with management through equity ownership
  • Attractive compensation
    • We believe in performance-based incentives
    • Compensation typically involves a competitive base salary, progressive bonus plans (with no cap) and equity
    • Management partners are invited to invest alongside us and able to earn sweat equity

I have enjoyed working with Anderson on multiple successful platforms – ours has been a relationship that has been growing for over 15 years over a couple different businesses/investments. I appreciate Anderson’s ability to assist my management teams in our strategic thinking while never crossing the line into micro-managing our business. We are truly partners working on our investments together and their door is always open to assist us in building our business.

Fred Cook

CEO Hastings and Cole Kepro International

Focus on the long term with the ability to exit at any time

  • Hold periods have ranged from two to twenty years
  • We are driven by maximizing the value of the business versus meeting a specific IRR or other metric
  • We hold investments until our management partners desire to exit

We met the Anderson Group when we were seeking a sponsor to support a management buyout of our business from its corporate parent. From the onset, we saw in Anderson an opportunity to not only secure capital but a strategic partner that can assist us as we transition from a corporate division to a stand-alone business. It took only two meetings for us to realize that Anderson was the partner we were seeking. At our second meeting, which took place in an airport lounge, we solidified the terms of a deal on a napkin. For over twenty years, Anderson has stuck to the terms or our agreement, assisted us in developing our strategic long- and short-term growth plans, and mentored us as we moved forward. I look back and smile at what a tremendous partnership this has been and continues to be. I would have never thought I was gaining a partner for more than two decades. It has been an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable journey.

John Adams

CEO USA Environmental