Portfolio Companies

The Anderson Group’s current portfolio companies and the Anderson Partner representing each investment.


Cole Kepro International, LLC | Las Vegas, NV

Gaming Division

Cole Kepro

Operating from a Las Vegas, Nevada headquarters, Cole Kepro is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of turnkey cabinets for the electronic gaming industry. Cole Kepro leverages its reputation for product quality and innovative concepts & designs to meet global demand for premium cabinet products.


Electronic Locker Division

American Locker

CKI Locker, LLC d/b/a American Locker is an industry leading electronic storage solutions business that provides a global customer base with electronic locker, parcel delivery systems and related products that are designed to integrate seamlessly into customer facilities and equipped with advanced software. American Locker has been in operation for more than 100 years and continues to lead through innovation by providing advanced technologies for the widest range of storage solutions in multiple environments.

  • The Anderson Group Partner: Cory Gaffney

F.K. Instrument Co., LLC | Clearwater, FL

FK Instrument is a precision machining business that provides some of the world's most renowned businesses with mission critical components which are required to meet incredibly tight tolerances. The company is established as a key partner, from prototype to production, for a dynamic customer base that is operating on the leading edge of innovation.

Fosbel, Inc. | Cleveland, OH

Fosbel is a global service provider specializing in refractory furnace inspection, maintenance, repair and reconstruction primarily for steel and glass producers. Fosbel's service offering is directly tied to the performance, profitability and environmental compliance of its customers, and preserves the life of critical operating assets.

Latina Boulevard, LLC | Tonawanda, NY

Latina Boulevard is a specialty food distributor operating from two complementary divisions that deliver fresh produce, meats, dairy and other food and ingredients, including a broad range of supplies, to retail, independent pizzeria and casual dining markets in Western New York. Since 1954, the company has provided customers with superior quality and customer service.

Michigan Wheel Marine | Grand Rapids, MI

Founded in 1903, Michigan Wheel is an industry leader in the design and production of marine propulsion systems. The company's high-quality, innovative products are marketed under both OEM and aftermarket brands.

CTCOA, LLC d/b/a Olympic Aviation | Cerritos, California

Olympic Aviation is a distributor and exporter specializing in the sale of government certified aircraft replacement parts and chemicals. Over the last twenty-five years, Olympic Aviation has established a reputation for efficiently sourcing and supplying high quality, uncommon components.

Parkview Health Services, LLC | Buffalo, NY

Based in Buffalo, New York, Parkview is an institutional “closed door” pharmacy that provides pharmaceutical products to long term care agencies, which include assisted living facilities, developmentally disabled residences, chemical dependency rehabilitation facilities, group homes, and mental health clinics. Parkview has been in operation since 1985 and currently supports more than 6,000 individual end consumers who reside in New York State.

Quality Logging, Inc. | Midland, TX

Quality Logging is a leading supplier of mud logging services, a form of energy exploration, to the oil and gas industry. Founded in 1980, Quality manages one of the most technologically advanced and well-maintained fleets of logging trailers. Each of Quality’s trailers employ a proprietary software and instrumentation platform, which enables the company to deliver the most timely, accurate and reliable data in the mud logging industry.

United Brands LLC | San Diego, CA

United Brands is a developer and producer of innovative ready-to-drink beverages within both alcoholic and non-alcoholic categories. The company’s product lines currently consist of flavored malt beverages, energy drinks and coconut water products which are sold through a nationwide distribution network to big box and convenience stores.

Valley International Cold Storage, LLC | Harlingen, TX

Valley International Cold Storage is a cold storage, packaging and logistics service provider that is strategically located in Harlingen Texas, approximately twelve miles north of the border between the United States and Mexico and near the center of the agricultural delta of the Rio Grande Valley.

World Precision Instruments, Inc. | Sarasota, FL

Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, World Precision Instruments is a global manufacturer and supplier of precision instruments and equipment, surgical tools and laboratory consumables, and supplies used primarily in pre-clinical lab animal and zebrafish research and drug discovery, with specific expertise in tissue and cell biology, animal physiology and electrophysiology research.

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