Investment Criteria

Focused on long-term value versus short-term profit and exit.

Flexibility is our hallmark.

As an operationally-focused private equity firm based in Florida, The Anderson Group has been in business for more than thirty years. We have successfully deployed our unique investment style across a wide variety of transactions in numerous industries. The Anderson Group leverages extensive operational experience when partnering with management to build long-term value.

Flexibility is the hallmark of The Anderson Group. Because we invest a pool of our own committed equity capital and are not an institutional fund, we are able to consider many transactions that other firms cannot or will not. We are often able to get comfortable with business risks that institutional funds avoid, such as customer concentration, diminishing industries, and a lack of visibility on exit sales.

Investment Criteria:


From $10M to $100M for platform investments (no limitation for add-ons).

Voting Control

Voting control is required for all portfolio businesses. We are control equity investors.


Industry Agnostic. Although we tend to focus on manufacturing, distribution, food and industrial service companies. See below for industries we avoid.


Do not need management in place, but interested in partnership with incumbent management if possible.


From $1M to $5M of normalized/proforma EBITDA for platform investments (no limitation for add-ons). No minimum in restructuring situations where we can effect improvements in profitability.

Market & Location

Headquartered in the United States for new platform investments, however many of our portfolio companies have significant international operations. Add-on investment opportunities headquartered outside of the United States will be entertained.

Transactions We Tend to Avoid

The Anderson Group does not invest in businesses without a significant operating history, such as start-up, venture capital, or “re-start” transactions. Generally, we do not invest in technology, biotech, natural resource, restaurant, or retail businesses. Given our investment strategy, we also tend to avoid companies with “hockey stick” financial performance (significant, recent profitability growth) leading up to a proposed sale.

Finally, The Anderson Group does not consider transactions whereby we do not have voting control or where, in the case of new platform investments, the business is headquartered outside of the United States.